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Ara Spends provides all the stats to complete your Bullet Journal finance logs.

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What's a Bullet Journal?

The Bullet Journal® (BuJo®) is a productivity system created by Ryder Carroll. Basically, it is a planning system which uses a pen and a notebook, that allows you to plan the future, track the past, and keep the present in check, by writing data as bulleted lists (Rapid Logging). You can track whatever you want in a Bullet Journal, including your finances.

How can Ara Spends help me with my Bullet Journal finance logs?

With Ara Spends, you use nothing but tasks, events and notes in your Bullet Journal finance logs to track your spending habits : the app does all the heavy math : totals, stats, and charts so you can easily complete your bullet entries in your notebook. The app isn’t here to replace your Bullet Journal finance logs, the app is their smart helper.

Ara Spends provides data for the followings spreads : the budget log, the expense log, the debt tracker, and the spending habits. The app menu acts like the master index that links them all.

The app automatically group all transactions in the appropriate core collection : simply change the date of a budget or an expense entry, and it will migrate either to your Daily Log (Today), Monthly Log (Budgets & Expenses), or Future Log (Search). You can access the app menu everywhere.

Plus, the app needs no Internet connection, so it is useful everywhere you bring your notebook.

Any other features?

No bank accounts to link.
No username and password pair to create.
Entries are saved on your phone.
The app is fully multi currencies.
Only a date, a category and an amount are required to save an entry (budget or spending).
Get an automatic notification every day at 7 A.M. whenever there are bills to pay.
Set manual notifications for important transactions and never forget anymore.
Manage your bill payments like a to do list.
The app is fast, the user interface is minimalist and beautiful.