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Never overspend anymore! Get useful insights about your spending habits.

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Is Ara Spends a good fit to me?

Ara Spends is right for you if you run out of money all the time; you do buy on impulse; you don’t know how and where you spend; you pay the bills late; you don’t know why you can’t save money; you don’t know your debt levels.

Ara Spends is your money (spending) diary app, where you record all your money transactions on a daily basis, whether you have done those with cash, credit or debit card. The app is fully multi currencies.

How does it work?

There are no set up screens and no bank accounts to link. As you spend, keep receipts, open the app and enter the transaction. No more than that! Ara Spends does the heavy math and gives you useful insights about your spending habits.

Ara Spends works without an Internet connection, so you can add transactions everywhere you see fit. All data are saved on your phone.

Any other features?

There're no username and no password pair to create.
Ara Spends has enough categories to encompass most expenses.
Only a date, a category and an amount are required to save an entry (budget or spending).
Get an automatic notification every day at 7 A.M. whenever there are bills to pay.
Set manual notifications for important transactions and never forget anymore.
Manage your bill payments like a to-do list.
Ara Spends tracks your debts level and payments.
The app is fast, the user interface is minimalist and beautiful.